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TruBlue of Edina & Prior Lake

About TruBlue Your Home Service Ally: Handyman, Senior Modifications & Ongoing Maintenance Services

Servicing Homes, Enriching Lives: TruBlue - Your Trusted Home Service Ally in Edina & Prior Lake

At TruBlue, our mission is not just a statement; it's the driving force that guides every action we take. Our unwavering commitment is to become the most trusted and respected handyman and home services company in Edina & Prior Lake. We understand that a home is more than just a physical space; it's a haven where families create memories, where dreams take shape, and where life unfolds. As we embark on this journey to become your go-to-handyman, we embrace a role that goes beyond providing services; we aspire to be your Home Service Ally.

What sets TruBlue apart is our unique focus on the comprehensive well-being of families, seniors, and busy adults alike. We're not just another handyman service provider; we're your partner in maintaining the heart and soul of your home. With a national presence, we stand as a beacon of reliability and expertise in both indoor and outdoor home maintenance, catering to the needs of different lifestyles and stages of life.

With TruBlue, your home is in trusted hands, and your aspirations are within reach. Together, let's create a better, brighter future – one home at a time.
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About TruBlue of Edina & Prior Lake

At TruBlue, we don't just work on houses; we cultivate relationships and nurture dreams. We invite you to join us on tour quest to build a better community, engage with our hometown and take care of our busy adults, families and seniors, in particular those who wish to age safely at home. Let us be your trusted partner, your advocate for a better home life, and your ally in realizing the full potential of what home can be.

For seniors, we offer more than just maintenance services. We offer peace of mind. Our specialized services (we are certified in senior home safety) ensure that you can gracefully age in the comfort of your own home. With our support, you can enjoy your surroundings without the worry of household upkeep. We help you foster independence and preserve cherished memories. We take pride in enabling you to continue living life on your terms.

Busy adults and families are the heartbeat of every community. We understand the demands of modern life and the juggling act it often requires. TruBlue steps in as a reliable partner, easing the burden of home maintenance. Our services provide you with the time and space to focus on what truly matters – spending quality moments with loved ones, pursuing passions, and achieving your aspirations.

Beyond the immediate convenience, our handyman and home maintenance services offerings yield lasting benefits. By ensuring that homes are well-maintained and safe, we play a crucial role in safeguarding property values and creating thriving communities. Children can grow up in an environment that promotes health, safety, and exploration, while parents can rest assured that their home is a sanctuary.

At TruBlue of Edina & Prior Lake, we don't just work on houses; we manage and maintain your home.
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About the Owner

Dustin Zroka and Steven Milkovich

As the dedicated and community-driven owner of TruBlue of Edina & Prior Lake. TruBlue is committed to providing premium handyman and home service solutions right here in Edina, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Prior Lake, Burnsville, Savage, Shakopee.

We specialize in a wide range of services designed to give you peace of mind, from handyman repairs and home improvements to senior home modifications and seasonal services. With TruBlue's Home Ally subscription services, busy families and seniors can enjoy worry-free living while we manage the ins and outs of your home. Our commitment to quality and convenience means we offer customizable and affordable services and programs tailored to your needs. Managed by our expert team, we ensure that we focus on your home so you get to focus on what really matters: enjoying your home and loved ones.

As the owners of TruBlue of Edina & Prior Lake, we bring a deep understanding of your needs in our community and we ensure that you'll receive top-notch service, quality, and convenience.

We are thrilled to be your local Home Service Ally!

Meet the Team

Dustin Zroka and Steven Milkovich

From doing handyman repairs to performing Senior Home Safety Assessments and modifications to making renovations, TruBlue of Edina and Prior Lake is here to help you love your home and protect what is often your most valuable asset. We are Dustin Zroka and Steven Milkovich, the local owners and operators of TruBlue, and we both have a passion for helping people improve their quality of life. In many cases, that starts at home.

TruBlue Total House Care is a full-service, senior-friendly home maintenance company. Our team works in Prior Lake and serves Edina, Eden Prairie, Prior Lake and the surrounding areas. We offer handyman, cleaning and seasonal services and we do minor home renovations.

For seniors looking to age in place – and older adults and busy families who want to keep their homes but skip the maintenance hassles – we have our House Care Plus program. With House Care Plus, you can schedule regular maintenance visits for home maintenance, handyman repairs and other seasonal projects. This program can give you your weekends back and provide real peace of mind for seniors and their families. We are also able to do Home Safety Assessments and make age-friendly renovations and Dustin is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

We met while we were both working for Lifetime Fitness back in 2013. Eventually Steven moved up to work at the company’s corporate office and then launched both a Radon testing company and a real estate business. Dustin continued to work in the health club before a two-year deployment with the United States Navy Reserves. We stayed in touch during that deployment and got to talking about going into business together, which is when we found TruBlue.

TruBlue combines our backgrounds in health, wellness, real estate, housing and community service in a way that enables us to make a difference, especially for seniors and busy families. We’re looking forward to being the premiere house care and handyman company in the Southwest Minneapolis area and helping you love your home!

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