Why You Should Choose TruBlue

Carmen Hendricks, Owner of TruBlue of Vienna stands with three of her TruPro Handymen.

TruBlue Total House Care’s mission of becoming America’s most trusted and respected handyman company is something other handyman companies can’t relate to. Most handymen companies have earned a reputation for unprofessionalism, leaving the client’s job site dirty, showing up late, or even not at all. Most of these handymen are usually treated as disposable, which is the opposite of what we try to provide here at TruBlue. TruBlue goes above and beyond with our handyman care and produces owners and employees that truly foster a sense of belonging on the job site and in the company.

1. One of the key differences that helps put us above the “chuck-in-a-truck” handyman companies is that we pride ourselves on having professional and highly qualified handymen there for you when you need them most. TruBlue’s handymen are not the average handymen that you call in back of your local phonebook, our handymen are held to a much higher standard than any other handyman. We make sure they are background checked, bonded, and insured, and provide our customers with a level of professionalism that only TruBlue can provide.

2. Another one of the great reasons to choose TruBlue is our dedication to the senior market and serving them as best as possible. TruBlue is partnered with many large brands in the senior home care industry such as, Right at Home, The Helper Bees, Honor, Comfort Keepers and Senior Home Services, other brands highly dedicated to senior home care and the overall well-being of seniors. These alliances help show the passion that we have for making sure our clients, especially those looking to age-in-place have someone truly dedicated to them.

3. At TruBlue we aim to make our employees feel just as welcomed at work as they make our clients feel at each of our different jobs. TruBlue sets a higher standard in work culture that each of our locations to go about instilling. A positive work culture is something almost all handyman businesses never come close to, creating an incredibly negative work environment. With a good work culture we can ensure employee morale stays high and creates the perfect environment for everyone at TruBlue to do their absolute best. This also creates the sort of family type atmosphere that helps make TruBlue’s TruPro handymen a step above all the others.

4. Lastly, choosing TruBlue means you can have first hand access to our monthly or quarterly handyman subscription service, House Care Plus, the fully tailored full service house care model that allows you to pick out chores and things you need done on a repeat basis. This service offers our customers an efficient, affordable way of making sure that their household tasks, to-do list chores, and monthly maintenance don’t get left undone.

Overall, TruBlue has so much to offer, and we truly pride ourselves in the many different ways we set ourselves apart from your average “chuck-in-a-truck”, no matter if that is done by our dedication to being your total house care manager or being your one-stop shop for senior home modifications.

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