Why House Care Plus is Perfect for your Busy Family

Family sits on couch enjoying their free time together.

What? House Care Plus is TruBlue’s quarterly and monthly house maintenance service that is fully customizable to your needs. House Care Plus allows you to automate and set up recurring appointments where TruBlue’s TruPro handyman can help with to-do list chores, seasonal projects, and handyman repairs. House Care Plus is catered directly to your needs and budget to help provide your home with the best quality care possible.

Why? House Care Plus is perfect for many different people because of just how customizable it is, it also truly benefits families that may feel overwhelmed with repairs and home maintenance. House Care Plus gives homeowners the ability to spend much more quality time with the ones that they truly care about and not have to worry about any of their home maintenance tasks that take up all their time. Although House Care Plus is great for giving your time back, it also benefits homeowners in another way. The other way it benefits them is by doing routine maintenance on their homes. Routine maintenance on homes is very similar to cars, if you take good consistent care of them, they’ll last much longer. That’s why our TruBlue’s TruPro’s will make sure your home is consistently in the best shape possible.

How? After you sign up for House Care Plus, our team will assign a Total House Care Manager, who will do an initial home inventory and assessment of your home. The home inventory will help us establish different potential maintenance locations. Appliances, windows, doors, and the square footage of your home are all things we take into consideration throughout the initial home inventory evaluation. The assessment then looks into the areas in your home that are damaged or in need of repair. Our Total House Care manager will truly make your House Care Plus experience truly tailored to you.

House Care Plus is perfect for those busy families that want to make sure that their houses are properly maintained, but don’t want to give up their weekends. Whatever your needs may be, TruBlue’s Total House Care Managers’ are here to help!