TruBlue Total House Care Announces Carrie Coumbs as New Senior Strategic Advisor

TruBlue Total House Care Announces Carrie Coumbs as New Senior Strategic Advisor

The senior care veteran, whose career mission has been about trying to perfect the space of aging, brings over two decades of experience in all areas of the industry, from elder law to home health.

TruBlue Total House Care, the franchise that provides subscription-based home maintenance and handyman services for seniors and families, looks to become an integral part of helping people live in worry-free homes. Now, with the senior population growing and the demand for home services skyrocketing post-COVID, TruBlue Total House Care is continuing to recruit qualified professionals onto the leadership team to help steer the brand in the right direction. The most recent addition, in a consultative role, is Carrie Coumbs, TruBlue’s new Senior Strategic Advisor.

Coumbs brings an extensive and impressive background in the senior care space. For the last two decades, she has been a specialist in all areas of aging, working for some of the largest organizations within the senior care continuum.

“My entire career has really been about trying to perfect the space of aging,” said Coumbs. “It is through that mission that I started to embrace connections with peripheral market supporters, whether it be rideshare companies, meal companies or, in the case of TruBlue, handyman companies. As a strategist in aging, it isn’t about what I can do, but about how I can make connections within the industry to better serve seniors.”

Within the past year, Coumbs was able to connect TruBlue with The Helper Bees, bringing forth another strategic partnership in the Medicare Advantage space. That connection stuck with the TruBlue leadership and made Coumbs a “first call” when looking to add to the growth strategy ahead.

“Sean Fitzgerald, the founder of TruBlue, reached out to me and asked if I knew anyone who would be interested in helping make the TruBlue brand more integral to the space of aging,” said Coumbs. “I said, ‘yes, tell me more, this really intrigues me personally.’”

Right away, Coumbs says she could tell TruBlue was on the cutting-edge of an important change in the senior care industry. “The idea of home modification is not new; it is just new to aging,” she said. “It has been around for decades — childproofing the home, for example. When you are expecting a new child, you go through your home and try to make it a safer place for that child's development. Now, we are flipping it on its head and saying: how about all those aging seniors who need a safe and comfortable space? That is where TruBlue shines, as an opportunity not only for the franchisee that looks to serve this amazing generation but also an answer to all of the seniors worried about what is next for them.”

Coumbs officially joined the TruBlue team as a Senior Strategic Advisor, in a consultative role, in July 2022 and says, moving forward, her mission with the company is three-tiered.

“First, the majority of my skill-set is within post-acute care strategy and collaboration, engaging in new partnerships with senior care industry providers,” said Coumbs. “There are several providers that would benefit from partnering with TruBlue. TruBlue has been partnering with several senior care providers recently, and I want to continue that momentum, as well as bring forth new opportunities in the payer space, within seniors housing and much more.”

Second, Coumbs says she hopes to ultimately support the TruBlue franchisees in areas that may have been obstacles previously. “From the very core, I too am an entrepreneur — I love the idea of franchise owners being in business for themselves while in the service of others,” she said. “Additionally, to have that entrepreneurial spirit wrapped around the space of aging just brings a smile to my face.”

Lastly, Coumbs says she hopes to develop a better understanding of TruBlue’s core clientele and collect data that supports the plan for aging in place. “The beauty of TruBlue is that it recognizes that the senior has a vision for what they want: improving the home and making it supportive to aging in place, ultimately allowing for a better living experience.”

Now, as awareness around the importance of aging in place continues to increase, TruBlue is set for massive growth. Since the start of 2022, TruBlue has added 10 new franchise locations, keeping the brand on pace to reach its goal of 100-plus locations by year’s end. Coumbs says she is excited to support the team and will help with additional expansion in every way possible.

“I saw that TruBlue recently signed a franchise owner in the Gig Harbor, Washington market, which is where I have aging family members,” said Coumbs. “I can’t wait to put them to work for my family. As a busy professional in the space of aging, it is so great to know that they are just a phone call away and that my loved ones will be taken care of. If there are entrepreneurs on the fence, I would say: this is one of the most important franchise growth decisions out there right now. This is going to change the landscape of aging as we embrace seniors in their existing homes and help them stay there longer. I am excited to see what the future holds.”

The initial investment to start a TruBlue Total House Care ranges from $65,000 to $91,000, and interested owners can visit www.trubluefranchise.com to learn more about franchise opportunities.

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