TruBlue Teams Up with CarePatrol

TruBlue Teams Up with CarePatrolTruBlue Total House Care forms a partnership with CarePatrol. CarePatrol is an industry leader that provides care advisory services. With over 150 locations throughout the United States, many of their offices overlap with our TruBlue offices. Because both companies are franchises, there's high flexibility with the partnership. Together, local owners can team up and form a plan that best serves their communities.

CarePatrol knows that families who are looking for care options often need more than a housing change or a skilled caregiver. That’s where TruBlue comes in. TruBlue will offer CarePatrol’s customers the ability to remain independent, with home safety modifications.

"A TruBlue franchisee may have clients on a monthly subscription program, and those seniors or their families may ask for a referral to a local senior housing or care provider, or a CarePatrol client may ask for home modification when moving," said Coumbs. "The local TruBlue franchisee can now refer to their local CarePatrol strategic partner as a reliable advisor to come in and provide a no-cost educational program for seniors and help them choose a new community. The CarePatrol franchisee can also now lean on a nearby TruBlue operation as a trusted provider of home assessment, modification, and maintenance."

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