The TruBlue Guide to Thanksgiving

The TruBlue Guide to a Safe and Warm Thanksgiving:

Home Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, family, and gratitude, but amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday, it’s crucial to keep home safety at the forefront. At TruBlue, we believe in celebrating safely, ensuring that every memory made is a happy one. Here are our top tips for a safe and warm Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Kitchen Safety: The Heart of Thanksgiving

The kitchen is the epicenter of Thanksgiving. To prevent accidents:

  • Never Leave Cooking Unattended: Always have someone in charge of monitoring the stove and oven. Unattended cooking is a leading cause of kitchen fires.
  • Keep Flammable Objects Away: Dishtowels, oven mitts, and even curtains can catch fire if too close to the stove. Keep them at a safe distance.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Set boundaries for kids and pets to ensure they stay away from hot surfaces and cooking areas.

2. Fire Safety: Keep the Hearth Happy

With colder weather, fireplaces and candles add warmth and ambiance, but they also pose risks.

  • Fireplace Inspection: Ensure your fireplace is clean and inspected before use. A clogged chimney can cause a house fire.
  • Candle Caution: Never leave candles burning unattended, and keep them away from children, pets, and anything flammable.

3. Guest Comfort: Warm and Welcoming

Comfort is key to a memorable Thanksgiving.

  • Heating Check: Ensure your heating system is functioning efficiently. A quick maintenance check can prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Safe Space Heaters: If using space heaters, place them in safe locations and not near flammable materials like curtains or furniture.

4. Outdoor Safety: Welcoming from the Outside In

If guests are arriving after dark:

  • Lighting: Ensure outdoor lights are working to prevent trips and falls.
  • Clear Pathways: Keep walkways clear of leaves, snow, or debris.

5. Be Prepared for Emergencies

In case of an emergency:

  • Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy: Ensure it’s easily accessible and that everyone knows how to use it.
  • Emergency Numbers: Keep a list of emergency contacts, including local fire and police departments, easily accessible.

Wrapping Up

At TruBlue, we are not just about fixing homes; we’re about ensuring they are safe, warm, and welcoming spaces for families to create lasting memories. This Thanksgiving, while you focus on the turkey and the pies, let us take care of ensuring your home is as ready and safe as can be for your loved ones.

Need a hand getting your home ready for the holidays? Give us a call. We’re here to ensure your Thanksgiving is not only memorable but safe too.