Stay Cool This Summer: DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for the Summer Heat

As the summer heats up, and the warmth steadily increases each month, your air conditioning becomes more and more important in providing you with a haven of cool comfort in your home. Just like you maintain your car, consider maintaining your AC unit. A well-maintained air conditioning units provide you with reduced energy consumption, lowers your monthly utility bills and increases the longevity of your AC system. Armed with the right information and just a little bit of dedication, you can do quite a bit of maintenance tasks that can keep your AC running smoothly through the summer and well into the future.

1. Clean and Replace Your Filters

One of the most essential maintenance tasks regarding your AC unit is simply replacing your air filters. These filters trap dust, pollen, and other particles in your air, which keeps your air clean and healthy. If you leave your AC filters unchecked and clogged, it can cause your AC system to work harder and lead to both increased energy consumption and potentially even damaging your system, and depending on your system you may have to replace or at least clean these filters once a month.

2. Inspect your Condenser Unit

Another essential maintenance checkup is to inspect your condenser unit. The condenser unit is the part of your AC system that sits outside, which can cause a variety of problems. The condenser unit can get debris such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, which again can not only affect airflow from the outside but also damage the condenser, sometimes permanently.

3. Check your Thermostat

Keeping a keen eye on your thermostat can also be a critical part of maintaining an air conditioner system. Making sure that the thermostat is properly reading the temperature of your room can ensure both your unit is working properly along with your thermostat. If your old thermostat isn’t quite cutting it, you can look at installing a modern thermostat. These thermostats are great for being able to use smart technology and allows you to maximize your energy efficiency by setting schedules and showing real-time consumption.

4. Cleaning your AC Coils

Alongside inspecting your condenser unit, you can also check, and clean your AC coils. Similar to your AC filters on the inside, your AC coils on the outside can build up lots of dust and dirt over time. Again, similar to your filters on the inside, this can reduce cooling capacity as well as increase energy consumption. This should be done both at the beginning and end of the summer, however, be careful to avoid damaging the fins on the coil as they are very delicate.

5. Insulate and Seal Ductwork

Another crucial area to look at is your internal AC systems ductwork. It brings cooled air from your unit all throughout your home. Over time your ducts can form leaks causing cool air to leak out before reaching its destination, again using more energy and costing you money. In areas such as a basement or attic, you can look for obvious leaks, which you can seal with mastic sealant or metal tape

Maintaining a properly functioning AC is extremely important, especially during these summer months when it can get extremely hot. Having someone such as a TruBlue Home Service Ally technician inspect your unit can help ensure that downtime this summer is a thing of the past, whether just AC or the rest of your summertime maintenance needs as a homeowner.

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