Six DIY Projects Seniors Should Skip

handyman fix light fixture ceiling fan repair

It’s hard to accept that there are projects we can’t – or shouldn’t – be doing anymore. It’s not that we can’t climb a ladder, but the fall will hurt a heck of a lot more now than it did when we were 25. In fact, one in four adults over the age of 65 falls every year and, of those falls, 20 percent cause serious injuries. While not every fall is preventable, 90 percent of falls happen in the home and many of those can be prevented (National Council on Aging).

So what projects have you, your parents, your grandparents, your neighbors or the other older adults in your life been doing that they should be asking for help with or passing onto a company like TruBlue? Here’s our list of the top five projects older adults need help with the most:

Replacing Lighting: From swapping out bulbs to installing new light fixtures, dealing with ceiling lights can be especially dangerous for anyone, but especially seniors. Not only does changing a light require you to be on a ladder looking up, which can make anyone dizzy, but you’re also doing the work in low light. While this is a project you’ll want to a call a professional to help with, it’s a great idea to upgrade the lighting to help you avoid trips or falls in the future.

Cleaning the Blinds: This might seem like an easy task, but if you’ve ever tried deep-cleaning blinds, you know there’s much more to the task than breaking out the duster. Removing the blinds, which can be surprisingly heavy and unwieldy, can be tough on its own, but cleaning them while bent over the bathtub and reinstalling them is a job best left for a professional.

Changing Out Faucets: When we’re older, turn-knob faucets can be challenging to use. While single-handle lift faucets are preferably in the bathroom and the kitchen, this is one of those easier-20-years-ago projects we all hate to talk about. Swapping out a faucet is technically not a challenging job, but crawling under the sink, dealing with wet floors and getting the fasteners tight are all part of the gig, which makes this a project a senior shouldn’t tackle alone.

Installing Grab Bars: No one wants to consider grab bars until we need grab bars and, let’s face it, that conversation with ourselves might come a little too late. Mounting grab bars in the bathroom can be especially challenging depending on the design of your shower, the tile on the walls and more. Before you start installing those bars hoping you have the stud – and not any electrical or plumbing equipment – call a professional. Plus… how do you test grab bars? Do you want to be pulling on those if you’re not sure they’re installed properly? Your local TruBlue technician would be happy to help.

Cleaning the Gutters: Much like replacing lighting, cleaning the gutters is one of those annoying projects you might have always done, but it’s time to hand to someone else. Climbing on ladders, reaching above your head, dealing with slippery leaves, not having something staple to hang onto if you slip… it’s a hazardous situation TruBlue can easily help you through.

Setting Up Smart Home Technology: Security systems. Medical alert systems. Remote monitoring systems. Smart home technology is a major part of helping seniors age in place, but you can only trust these systems to work in an emergency if they are installed properly. Call a professional to make sure your investment in your peace of mind isn’t wasted. This is a good idea for seniors, but a professional installation can be a major benefit for anyone looking to add Smart Home Technology.