Multilocation Comfort Keepers Owner Opens His First TruBlue!

Multilocation Comfort Keepers Owner Opens His First TruBlue!

Last year TruBlue became the Comfort Keepers preferred provider of handyman services for seniors and senior home modifications. This is a mutually beneficial partnership sharing one goal; to keep elderly adults out of assisted living facilities and keep them aging in their homes.

Since the partnership launched there was one multi-location of Comfort Keepers who saw huge value in not only partnering with TruBlue, but owning a TruBlue himself. Vince Maffeo owns 10 Comfort Keepers in California and is adding his first TruBlue into the mix this year.

“I knew it would be more beneficial to own a TruBlue location and more convenient for our clients,” said Maffeo. “Buying a TruBlue means that my Comfort Keepers locations won’t have to refer out the handyman and home services as we’ve done in the past. It’s now a one-stop shop. Comfort Keepers provides care for the individual, and TruBlue provides maintenance to the home.”

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