Invest your Tax Return back into your House

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Studies have shown that the typical homeowner has a to-do-list that they keep putting off for various reasons. If you’ve been putting off home maintenance, or small improvement projects because you didn’t have the money ready to invest, now might be the best time of the year to check everything off of your list.

It’s currently the tail end of tax season, and many of us are starting to dream about how we’ll use our tax returns. Last year, in 2021, 74% of tax filers received a refund back from the IRS. The average refund hovered around $3,000.

From 2021 we know that 13% of the US population who received a refund spent it on home improvement projects. This number should be higher for 2022. Many of us have adjusted to working from home, and as a result spend the majority of their day inside their house. By investing your tax return into completing your do-lists items and tasks, you can make the place that you spend most of your time more inviting. We have three ideas to get you started with spending your tax return.

Clean out your dryer vent. We’re already cleaning the lint trap between every load we throw into the dryer, but how often do we clean the vent itself? Probably not very often. Many times you’ll have to unplug the machine from the wall and get a specialty attachment for your drill to clean inside the pipe. Staying on top of cleaning the dryer vent will help prevent fires, in fact, dryers and washing machines cause almost 16,000 fires each year.

Install shelving in your house. If your house is starting to feel small or unorganized, take a look at the vertical space in your house. Adding shelves onto your wall in the office can give you a place to store papers and books that might have previously been housed on your deskspace. In the garage consider high shelves for the stuff that you might not need to access 24/7. This will help clear the walkways and get stuff off of the floor.

Spend some time making your outdoor space feel like an extra room. Consider landscaping, making a patio, or cleaning off the old deck. Sometimes all you need is a good power wash, and don’t forget to clean the furniture too. As the weather warms up and before the bugs are out in full swing, enjoying the rest of spring is a great way to relax and make the most of your property.

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