How House Care Plus Uniquely Benefits Seniors and their Families

Senior with Handyman changing air filter

TruBlue offers many different types of services in effort to become your Total House Care Manager. We offer some of everything, traditional Handyman Services For Seniors, and home maintenance, yard work and landscaping, house cleaning, senior based house updates and most excitingly subscription packages. Our subscription service, called House Care Plus, is completely customizable for your household and services occur monthly or quarterly.

What is House Care Plus for Seniors? House Care Plus is exciting because it serves a unique need for our seniors and aging population who want to Age-in-Place but can no longer take care of the house like they used to. This includes routine maintenance such as climbing ladders to clean gutters, installing long term safety solutions like Grab Bars in the bathroom, and even performing safety assessments and modifications. We understand that there are many companies offering in-home care and companionship for seniors, but we wanted to address the concerns of the house.

Why should I subscribe to House Care Plus for Seniors? It’s a perfect customizable solution for seniors and a piece of mind solution for their loved ones. Our TruPro handymen look out for potential safety hazards, and then take the appropriate steps to lessen the detrimental risk of falls and injuries, like loose cords and rugs. Our service is designed to prevent issues that can result from a house lacking in regular maintenance. At TruBlue, our home technicians are here to ensure you and your loved ones are properly taken care of and as safe as possible.

How does it work? House Care Plus is fully customizable per each customer and their unique house and needs. We have two packages, monthly maintenance, and quarterly seasonal maintenance. Either package begins with a house assessment where your Total House Care Manager goes through your house much like a traditional inspector does. The assessment gives your house care manager a complete list of any and every different potential place for maintenance in your home. Your house care manager will then assess your house's individual needs and how they can customize your experience to benefit you the most.

House Care Plus is perfect for Seniors and their families looking to prevent issues and reduce risk in the home through our Total House Care Managers. Not a senior? We have packages for young professionals and busy families. Whatever you may need, our team here at TruBlue will make sure your home is as safe and well-maintained as possible!