Five Projects to Add Value to Your Home

TruBlue Handyman cutting insulation out of a house's walls.

Adding value to your home doesn’t always mean redoing the basement, getting a new roof or embarking on another large – and expensive – project. You can make your house more valuable and more attractive to potential buyers in the future with small projects too! From adding ceiling fans to updating your bathroom to installing a new front door, here are our five favorite projects for making a large impact without making a large investment:

Front Door: Your front door says a lot about your home and is often the first interaction guests have with your property. While a standard front door will run about $100, for a slightly larger investment, you can get something with some extra character. While installing a new door isn’t overly complicated, this is a great time to get new weather stripping, paint your trim, and freshen up your front porch. Let your local TruBlue do all the handyman work! We can also help you paint your door if that’s the direction you want to go.

Bathroom Floors: While we often talk to people about future-proofing their home with a zero- or low-entry shower or adding grab bars, replacing the floor can have a big impact on the room too. Let’s face it – bathroom floors get gross and, no matter how well you clean them, they easily fall victim to daily use. Consider swapping out that 90s tile for something more modern (and less slippery!)

Upgrading Cabinets: Replacing your cabinets can be an expensive project, but you don’t have to start from scratch to give your cabinets new life! Cabinets can be stained or painted – depending on what you’re starting with – and new knobs and handles can give your space a fresh look, no matter your style. While switching out pulls can be pretty easy, consider bringing in a TruBlue professional to help with painting or staining. You’ll notice those streaks every day if they aren’t done just right.

Ceiling Fans: No matter what part of the country you live in, ceiling fans are a hit. From adding them to upstairs bedrooms to updating them in your dining room, having the right ceiling fans can make your home much more attractive and really add value. This isn’t a major project, but working with the electric and cutting into the ceiling is definitely something you want to consider hiring a professional to help with before you get started.

Freshen Your Walls: Whether you’re someone who loves color or you’re beige and gray all the way, having fresh, clean, and repaired walls isn’t something to overlook. Drywall is easily damaged and a hassle to fix right. Let us come in, make those repairs, paint, clean up the dust, hang fresh artwork or do whatever else you’d like to give your home that “finished” feel.

TruBlue technicians around the country are ready to help with your house projects, from small repairs and upgrades like these to cleaning services, handyman repairs, yard work, and more.

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