Five High-Design, Low-Cost Home Improvements

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You don’t have to be a millionaire, to have a home that looks like a million bucks. If it’s time for a refresh – whether it’s organization, color, lighting, design touches or something else – there are plenty of affordable upgrades that can make a huge difference without breaking the bank. Here are five of our favorites:

Organization: Clutter can kill the vibe of any space and you can only have so many storage cubes and under-bed boxes! So what do you do? At TruBlue, we know storage can be truly part of a home’s design. When clients come to us with storage challenges, we are able to help with things like redesigning closets and laundry rooms, installing additional cabinetry, building pantries or built-ins. While it’s great to be able to sell or donate things you no longer need, it’s not always enough. Let us help.

Lighting: The lighting of a house – inside and out – can make a big impact on curb appeal and atmosphere. It’s important to consider your lighting style, fixtures, locations, light color, brightness and more. Light can be complicated and seeing all of those things in your own home can be tough. At TruBlue, we can help you think about what kind of light would best suit your home and then help you make any necessary adjustments. Some of our more popular projects have included landscape lighting, under-counter lighting and vanity lighting.

Front Door: A front door is a huge part of a home’s personality, but replacing it altogether can be a more expensive endeavor. At TruBlue, we can help remove old layers of paint, add new paint or stain, add weather stripping, add design elements like molding and more. A door can look brand new without being brand new and TruBlue can help.

Upgrading the Bathroom: If you have a half bath or powder room your guests often use, upgrading that space without renovating your entire home can make a significant impact. We’d suggest upgrading the vanity, including the faucet and hardware, and going with a new style of mirror. Let’s face it… those are the items your guests will see the most… Include a fresh coat of paint and it will look like a whole new room.

Swapping out Hardware: From your door handles to your cabinet pulls, houses are full of small, extremely visible hardware that we often overlook. If you’re considering a new look, from farmhouse to modern, there’s an almost endless amount of options in the hardware space. While changing out hardware isn’t necessarily a hard project, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to do on your own.

If you’re thinking about making these or other upgrades, TruBlue Total House Care is here to help and, with our EasyPay option, you can space even smaller costs out over the course of a year. Find your local TruBlue today to discuss the many ways we can help you achieve a high-design look without a high-design cost.