Fall Prevention: Reducing the Risk for Our Seniors


Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans over the age of 65 experience a fall each year? It's a staggering statistic, one that not only poses a health risk for our seniors, but also a challenge for their families, caregivers, and communities. Fall-related injuries can range from minor bruises to severe fractures and even fatal accidents. As such, there is an urgent need to address this issue head-on, and that’s exactly what we at TruBlue are dedicated to achieving.

Understanding the Risks

It's essential to recognize the factors that increase the risk of falls:

1. Physical factors: Declining vision, muscle strength, and balance can increase the likelihood of falls.

2. Medications: Some prescriptions can cause dizziness or dehydration, making falls more likely.

3. Environmental hazards: Clutter, uneven floors, loose rugs, and poor lighting are common culprits.

Prevention Starts at Home

Most falls occur at home, which means creating a safer living environment is the first line of defense:

1. Clear the Clutter: Ensure hallways and rooms are free from obstacles.

2. Install Handrails: Ensure that there are sturdy handrails on both sides of the stairs.

3. Proper Lighting: Ensure that all areas, especially hallways and stairs, are well-lit.

4. Non-slip mats: Place them in the bathroom, kitchen, and other wet areas.

5. Regular Home Maintenance: This includes checking the stability of handrails, the condition of staircases, and the functioning of lights.

Personal Health and Wellness

While adapting the environment is vital, we also must ensure that seniors are physically fit:

1. Regular Check-ups: Discuss medications with doctors to understand side effects and any potential risks associated with them.

2. Exercise: Engage in activities that strengthen muscles and improve balance.

3. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can lead to dizziness.

4. Vision Checks: Regular eye check-ups ensure that vision stays sharp, reducing the risk of tripping over unseen obstacles.

TruBlue's Dedication

At TruBlue, we believe that fall prevention is a community effort. Our dedication to this cause extends beyond just providing guidelines. Our team is actively involved in helping to make homes safer and more accommodating for our elderly population. We work hand-in-hand with families to assess potential risks and implement solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.

Join the "Prevent the Fall" Campaign with TruBlue

One of the simplest yet most effective tools in fall prevention is the humble grab bar. It provides a sturdy handhold in places prone to slips, especially bathrooms. In our commitment to making homes safer for seniors, we are thrilled to announce our "Prevent the Fall" campaign!

In September, we're offering 100 FREE grab bars to those who need them. It's our way of saying we care, and it's a tangible step towards reducing those fall statistics.

Take action now. Ensure the safety of your loved ones and bring peace of mind to your family. Click here or contact us directly to nominate someone for a free grab bar and let’s join hands in our mission to "Prevent the Fall" together!

Remember, it's not just about installing safety equipment; it's about giving our seniors the freedom to live independently with confidence. With TruBlue by your side, let’s make every home a haven of safety.

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