Easy Ways to Love Your Home More

Couple walks towards their new brown and white house with two large bushes.

When you move somewhere new, you can fall prey to the puppy dog stage. Your new home is exciting and different from your last, usually an improvement. It’s great! But as you live there longer, just like any relationship, the small things might start to get on your nerves. The projects and problems that you initially put off start to grow and grow. When that happens, don’t worry. There are some small changes you can make to help you fall in love with your home again.

Change out your old sink faucet for a new one. If you start to notice your water pressure dropping, or if you dread doing your dishes by hand, it might be time to replace your faucet. Doing this can make your kitchen look more updated on a limited budget. Plus, with all of the cool technology that faucets can offer, you might even save on your water bill each month. A simple fixture update can change the mood of the whole room, and especially your mood as you interact with the faucet each day.

Update your cabinet hardware. As you grow up, it’s not uncommon for your tastes, styles, and trends to change and evolve. One of the best ways to change the feel of a kitchen or bathroom on the cheap is by updating the hardware and knobs. Style is something everyone wants to express, and whether you're adding a pop of color, the glam of crystal knobs, or changing the type of pull, hardware is a great choice that can easily evolve alongside you.

Replace your Furnace Filter. Doing this on a monthly basis will help keep your furnace running smoothly and keep the air that’s circulating throughout your home more pure. If remembering to change the filter is difficult there are subscription services that will send you a new filter each month, or we offer a monthly subscription service that sends a handyman to your home each month to complete the various monthly and seasonal upkeep that might otherwise get forgotten about.

Upgrade your shower head. Showers are a great way to relieve stress, and even relax your muscles, but sometimes the old showerhead just won’t cut it. A new shower head typically provides better water pressure and they make newer models that are more water efficient. With many different kinds and types to choose from, you can get anything from a rain head to a dual functional head. Different showerheads can help with different tasks too, do you often bathe your dog or take a shower seated? Opt for a handheld shower head to directly control the stream.

Replace your Caulking. As caulk ages, it can get yellowed or even breakdown. Luckily, it’s super inexpensive and easy to execute with little to no experience. Simply take an exacto knife or a box blade and slice away the old caulking. Once it’s all peeled, snip the tip off your bottle of caulk, and insert it into your caulk gun. Then run the new caulking along the joint and follow the trail by smoothing it down with your finger. Voila, new caulking to make your space look fresh and clean and, most importantly, ensure it’s protected from air-leaks, and water.

TruBlue Total House Care’s professionally trained technicians can make these changes and are ready to help with your house projects, from small repairs and upgrades like these to cleaning services, handyman repairs, yard work, and more.

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