Don't Fall Behind on Fall Prevention: The Urgency of Keeping Older Adults Safe

Did You Know? Every 11 Seconds, An Older Adult is Admitted to the Emergency Room for a Fall

This startling statistic serves as a reminder that falls are not just minor inconveniences, they can be life-altering events with severe repercussions. And this September, during Fall Prevention Month, we at TruBlue are doubling down on our commitment to protect the ones you love from this danger.

The High Cost of Falls

Beyond physical injury, falls carry a heavy emotional toll and often lead to reduced mobility and independence for seniors. Moreover, the financial cost can be devastating, ranging from costly hospital stays to ongoing medical care.

What Can Be Done?

1. Home Assessments: An essential first step to fall prevention is conducting a comprehensive home assessment to identify potential hazards like loose rugs, poor lighting, and cluttered paths.

2. Home Modifications: With trained TruPro Home Technicians, we can adapt your home to be more fall-proof. This includes installing grab bars in bathrooms, ramps instead of stairs, and better lighting to reduce the risk of trips and falls.

3. Education: Empowering seniors and caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to assess fall risks proactively. Understanding the risk factors and how to mitigate them is half the battle won.

Introducing TruBlue's Fall Prevention Campaign

In collaboration with Close The Gap In Senior Care, we have launched a unique initiative this September. Our focus will be on educating the public about fall risks and offering practical solutions for fall prevention at home.

One of the most straightforward and impactful ways to prevent falls is through the installation of grab bars. These offer a secure grip in areas where falls are most likely to occur, like bathrooms.

This September, we're giving away 100 FREE grab bars to those who could benefit from them. Consider it a tangible expression of our dedication to your safety and a concrete step towards diminishing the alarming rate of falls among seniors.

Next Steps

Take the first step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Partner with us in our mission to "Prevent the Fall" by nominating someone for a free grab bar. This simple action can bring peace of mind to your family and is a concrete step towards a safer, more secure future. Visit Close The Gap to learn more about our Fall Prevention campaign and to nominate someone who could benefit from a free grab bar. Together, let's join hands to mitigate risks and protect the ones we love from unnecessary harm.

Don't wait for a fall to take action; the best time to act is now.


So this September, let's stand united against falls. Let's vow to take the necessary steps to ensure our loved ones can enjoy their golden years with the dignity, independence, and safety they deserve.

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