7 Backyard Projects for Maximum Summer Fun

Man with blue shirt and gardening hat on ladder re-stains his wooden gazebo.

With the summer in full swing, people are going to be spending much more time outside. Whether people are spending this time with friends or family or if they’re enjoying the outdoors alone, having a nice yard is key when it comes to enjoying your summer. We’ve already talked about ways to keep your yard safe for the summer season, read it here, but now we want to talk about fun additions to your set up. There are many different things you can add to your yard to help make it as welcoming as it can be. We decided to compile a list of some projects that you can do in your own backyard to bring some life to it.

1. Building a Paver Patio. One of the first things you can do to help make your backyard as welcoming as possible is to give yourself some outdoor space to sit down in. A custom paver patio is a great spot to sit around and just hangout with your friends and family. Paver patios are highly customizable as well. You are able to choose the type, shape, size, and color of the pavers and you’re able to customize how big you want your patio to be. Paver patios also do not require an incredible amount of materials other than the pavers themselves and some sand.

2. Building a Fire Pit/Grills. Fire Pits are a staple in summer activities, and they really tie together a backyard. Whether you're just using the fire pit for warmth on a windy summer night or making smores with the neighborhood kids, they are excellent for bringing people together. Fire pits aren’t too hard to make either, get some patio pavers and stack them on top of each other in a circle and, tada, you’ve got a fire pit. Fire pits are great for making some small treats such as smores, but making a built-in grill can be great for cooking anything else. Grills are the perfect backyard accessory for welcoming families over to a backyard grill out. Grills, although not as cheap as a fire pit, are much more useful when it comes to creating meals compared to something as simple as smores.

3. Kids Play Area. Another great project that you could do in your yard is building a dedicated kids play area. Kids play areas could be anything from a playground, a tire swing, or even a sandbox. These kids' play areas will help encourage them away from their screens, and to be outside with their friends. Involve your kids in the process, allow them to choose between two playsets, or even help you set it up. The more ownership kids get in the process the more pride they will put into their play. Getting your kids outdoors can not only be good for them, but also for you, giving yourself some precious freetime to relax.

4. Gazebo/Canopy. Depending on where you live, in the summer months you know that sometimes it can get really hot, and staying in the shade is essential. One of the best and most appealing ways of staying cool is to build a canopy over your back patio or deck. Canopies not only look great but also function amazingly in shading you from the sun. Gazebos are another great backyard project as they can provide a great shaded comfortable area to chill out and read a book. Lastly, Pergolas are also great for those who want to be even more shaded, but still have plenty of sun. All of these different options provide you with many different ways to enjoy your outdoor space and stay shaded this summer.

5. Redoing Decks. Decks are a great place to lounge and host gatherings, however many people’s decks have been neglected over the years. Decks can become worn out and lose the shine that they used to have. Whether your deck has a few holes in it, needs to be restrained or painted or just completely redone it’s a great backyard project. Decks can also have a lot of splinter pieces that could also catch on someone’s foot or paw if you aren't careful, regular sanding and maintenance of your deck could also be a good thing to do to help prevent injury.

6. Water Features. Water Features are a great way to spice up your backyard. Water features can be anything from installing a pond, a fountain, or even putting in a small pool. Ponds are a great way to make your backyard look great and come to life. Patio Pavers and decks can be built around ponds to make your yard feel like a jungle, and provide a seamless transition between the various features of your backyard. Pools are also a great way to cool off and relax during the hot summer days and above ground pools are both an affordable way to cool off as well as an efficient way to enjoy your summers.

7. Privacy Fencing and Landscaping. One of the most important projects you could do in your backyard is landscaping. Landscaping is extremely important for making sure that your yard looks inviting and beautiful. Making sure that your flowerbeds are mulched properly and that your trees are trimmed help turn a potentially ugly yard into a beautiful yard. Another great project that your yard could use is a privacy fence. Privacy fences are especially great if you have pets, however they are just as useful without them. Privacy fencing can make your backyard look so much more enclosed and safe, without privacy fencing your yard can feel like it bleeds into your neighbors and vice versa. Overall, keeping your yard well landscaped and properly fenced in truly makes your yard feel like home.

Each of these many different yard projects can really just add to the feel of your backyard and make it a much more enjoyable place to be. When you combine yard projects such as a paver patio and a firepit together it can really just bring your whole yard together and give it a more cozy feel. Overall, these yard projects are the perfect to keep you occupied for this summer. TruBlue and our skilled handyman are equipped to help you out with many of these tasks, if you run into trouble completing them or want professional and helpful service from the start.

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