5 Things to Spruce up your House for Mother's Day

3 generations of women smile sitting on their couch.

Mother’s day is quickly approaching around the corner. Here at TruBlue we love mothers. Many of our successful business owners are mothers themselves. We believe they deserve the world, or, at the very least, much more than a haphazard bouquet of half wilted flowers, or the remains of a sticky mess that’s left over from a well-intentioned breakfast in bed. If you agree with us and are searching for meaningful ideas for the special mom in your life, you’re in the right place. We have come up with a couple of ideas to get your home, or home of a deserving mother in your life, ready in time for their day.

1 Finish the Honey Do List. Chances are the special mother in your life is a great delegator. This means that there’s probably a list of small chores around the house that she’s been giving to someone. This list might include things like hanging the TV on the wall, fixing cabinet doors that have become out of alignment, quieting a squeaky door hinge or more. If there is no list, studies have shown that the average American home has at least 22 small tasks that need completed. Complete this list and we can promise you the extra functionality on the house will enhance her day-to-day life.

2 Redo your Kitchen Cabinets. Most moms spend a lot of time looking at the kitchen. Ensure that what they look at is not only functional but also easy on the eyes. Repainting the cabinet doors, adding kitchen handles, or updating the appliances will all impact the appearance of the kitchen, and even, in some instances, the functionality of the space.

3 Do some Landscaping. Spring is here, and that means that the ground is thawing if you live in a colder climate. This is where we can go above and beyond last minute grocery store bouquet. Spend some time outside and plant some flowers yourself. Weed the flowerbeds, lay down new mulch, and plant something beautiful. When planted correctly and taken care of, the flowers should bloom for years of enjoyment, rather than wilting within the month. Mowing the grass while you’re at it will only make the flowerbeds stand out even more.

4 Baby/Pet Proof the House. For the new mothers or mothers of young children, or new pets, consider if baby proofing the place would be a good use of resources. Installing strong gates can keep both pets and curious toddlers alike out of places that they shouldn’t get to go. Look at the kitchen. Set up soft-close cabinets, or put childproof locks so that little fingers and paws can’t get smashed between the cabinet and the door. Put some plug covers over open sockets, and protect little heads from sharp furniture corners by putting up corner protectors. If you need help setting up baby cameras or other monitoring devices your local TruBlue can assist you there.

5 Create a Dedicated Home Office or Mom Only Space in the House. Move over Man Cave, it’s time for a dedicated mother zone. Moms are not stay at home wives anymore. Many of them work from home, run side businesses and hustles, or donate their time to various volunteer activities. Give them a dedicated space to work or relax in. This mother’s day consider sprucing up this room. Invest in some wall decor or furniture to fill the space and make it both beautiful and functional. Or look at what the office needs, a new printer, a new computer monitor, better lighting, and invest in some new technology for the space.

Mom’s deserve so much, and this mother's day give them something special to make their house more beautiful and functional. Give them something that lasts for months. If you need help to complete these tasks contact your local TruBlue and we will be happy to help set up the perfect mother’s day surprise.