5 New TruBlue Locations Across the United States

Image with 5 new TruBlue Owners.

TruBlue has seen some incredible growth the past Quarter and has welcomed many new owners into the TruBlue family. Our new locations have sprawled all across the United States and have included locations as far west as Las Vegas all the way to east as Connecticut.

The first location that our family is excited to welcome is Northwest Connecticut, which is owned and operated by Craig Henry. Craig worked in the elevator industry for 20 years before opening his own business, and saw the need for a TruBlue in his area after suffering a fall while working. Craig knew how difficult it was for him to get home maintenance services with a focus on installing safety measures and decided the best way to make sure others could get them is by opening his own TruBlue.

The second location is our South Sound location located in Gig Harbor, Washington. Nate Hokenson is the owner of this location and has always been one for helping others. Nate also has a passion for home improvement projects that he took after his dad. Nate, also struggled finding senior aligned companies to help his parents age in place, which is the main reason he decided to open his TruBlue.

The third location is our West Las Vegas location, which is owned and operated by Federico Gonzalez. Federico is a veteran, who recently separated from law enforcement to spend more time with his family. He plans to continue to help benefit his community through TruBlue.

Our fourth location that has recently opened is in Reno Nevada, owned and operated by Dustin and Ceanne Brashear. Dustin managed and grew his family coffee business in Reno for the past few years and decided that he wanted to do something more hands-on, and our Handyman Services For Seniors fits the bill!

Lastly, our fifth and final location from this quarter is in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The operator of this location is Sharon Reynolds, who has worked in healthcare prior to joining onboard with us. Her interest in helping people is an essential part of her life, and she’s excited to exercise this everyday by operating TruBlue in her community.

As Q3 begins, we look forward to growing even further and bringing more and more new owners into our wonderful family here at TruBlue.