5 Easy Things to do to Reset After Holiday Chaos

5 Easy Things to do to Reset After Holiday Chaos

December is full of many holidays, hectic schedules and all around craziness. It’s not uncommon to put holiday lights up around your property, trees in your living rooms, wreaths in your windows. By January, Kinaras and Menorahs had both been lit, the ball has dropped and most of us are trying to find balance in our old routines again.

The holiday season certainly puts your homes and selves through the ringer. Kids are home from school for the holidays, and relatives and guests travel in and out of your own homes. The added wear and tear might mean that your house requires some TLC and post holiday decompression of its own.

It can be hard to find the motivation to start cleaning up the house and resetting for the new year. In a study conducted by People Magazine, 54% of Americans confessed that the last thing they wanted to do was to clean up their homes once the festivities had ended. To help aid from the transition here are 5 easy things that you can do to reset after the holiday chaos has ended:

Start with Trash: starting with trash is often the easiest way to remove the visual clutter from your space that makes it seem extra messy. To do this, take a large trash bag around your home and start chucking the rubbish in the bag. You can also do this with the recyclables as well.

Put Things in Their Homes: Everything in your house should have a home, or someplace that it belongs. For example, your remote goes in the room with your TV, laundry goes in a hamper or into the dresser/closet. Go around the house and put things into their proper places. Once items are in their homes, you’re left with ‘homeless’ items. To create a home for them ask yourself, “where would I look for this item” and then take it to that place.

Take Down Holiday Decor: Put the tree away, take the wreaths out of the windows and take the holiday lights down. Removing these items from sight mentally reset your mind that the holidays are truly done.

Clean: Run the vacuum cleaner/sweep and mop the floors to remove any of the dirt and dust caused by your families coming and leaving your homes. Wipe down your surfaces with a disinfectant to remove the germs off of your surfaces, don’t forget commonly touched places such as door knobs or light switches.

Repairs & Projects: Sometimes the holidays can inadvertently cause damage to your house. Other times there are projects that you wanted to accomplish before the holidays were here but you ran out of time. Now is the time to complete your maintenance tasks. Don’t feel like you need to tackle them alone though, call TruBlue to expertly navigate your projects and repairs so that you can get back to a normal routine and relax after all the fun has been had.

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