15-Minute Fixes Before School Starts

The transition from relaxed summer days to the school grind can catch us off-guard. Between office hours, school runs, and life, where's the time for home maintenance? Fret not! Here are some tasks that will take 15-minutes or less to keep your home in shape just in time for school:

1. Clean Out One Drawer:

Pick any drawer that's become a “junk” collector. Empty, wipe down, and reorganize. It's a small task that can make a big difference.

2. Smoke Detector Quick Test:

Press the test button on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure they beep! If not, it might be time for a new battery.

3. Water Plants & Check Garden Beds:

A quick watering and once-over of your plants can do wonders. Remove any dead foliage and ensure everything looks healthy.

4. Wipe Down Kitchen Counters:

Using a disinfectant wipe or spray, quickly clean and sanitize your kitchen counters.

5. Fast Fridge Tidy-Up:

Toss out any expired items, wipe down a shelf or two, and reorganize for better accessibility.

6. Quick Vacuum Run:

Focus on high-traffic areas like the living room or hallway. Even a rapid run can spruce up the space.

7. Declutter the Entryway:

Shoes, bags, umbrellas – they all collect by the door. Take a few minutes to organize this space and streamline your morning rush.

8. Dust Screens:

Use a microfiber cloth to quickly remove dust. This simple action can prolong the life of your devices and improve picture quality.

9. Window Quick Clean:

Spot clean noticeable smudges or fingerprints on windows using a glass cleaner.

10. Fluff and Rearrange Cushions/Pillows:

A simple fluff and rearrange can make your living space feel fresh and inviting.

Need Assistance with Bigger Home Projects?

We understand that while these quick fixes are essential, there are larger maintenance projects that might require a professional touch. Whether it's extensive yard work, major cleaning, or home repairs, TruBlue Home Service Ally is here to help. Reach out today, and let's discuss how we can ensure your home is in pristine condition all year long.

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Wishing you a smooth transition into the school year and more 15-minute wins!

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